You are NOT who you think you are

Earlier in the semester a guest lecturer came into our management class to talk about personal branding. It was probably my favourite lecture of the year, and if it weren’t for a crazy amount of school work and a tax final I would have had this post up weeks ago.

In essence the lecturer spoke to us about our personal brand, and started with this:

you are not who you think you are you are how you are perceived

It’s really very true, you should care about what people think of you. You can think you are the most amazing person in the world, but if no one else thinks you are, if the people you interact with on a daily basis don’t think so, then unfortunately growing your career, and social network is going to be tough.

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The same applies to life, I think anyways. I recently had someone I was in a class with tell me I was “scary” before you get to know me. My first reaction was WTF !!?!?!?!? but then after taking a few steps back I realized that I’m a little unapproachable at school. I think this is largely due to the fact that this semester I have a million things on the go and I’m constantly running between class and work and ultimately I don’t talk to a lot of people at school unless I’m already friends with them. This semester I have a sort of get-in-get-out mentality when it comes to hours spent at school. However, no one at school knows this but me, and for better or worse I come across as “scary”. Probably, something I should/will change in the new year. It’s actually kind of hilarious because I would generally categorize myself as a happy, bubbly person that is excited for life.

people forget what you said, but they won’t forget how you made them feel 

Our lecturer then spoke about defining your tag line. A lot of blogs have these and before I put up my fantastic new header mine was “a penny for my thoughts”. The lecturer spoke about his personal tagline and I thought that was very interesting . I’m still in the process of working on mine, I think it needs to somehow relate to accounting and numbers but my love for working with people. 

This lecture was very introspective for me, and although it doesn’t really relate to personal finance I would challenge all of you to take a good hard look at how you are perceived and put a solid effort into working on your personal brand.

I’ve taken the liberty of putting some personal branding books on hold at the library, so I’ll let you all know how those go!

if you want to be different than everyone else don’t be like everyone else

How do you define your own personal brand? Do you have an good book recommendations on the topic?



  1. I loved this article, especially the Bezos quote. In today’s age of social media, it seems like it is becoming more and more of a necessity to have some sort of brand. I’ve always like to think that ideas and work ethic matter, but it’s hard to go places in the world if you have a bad reputation, or, to be blunt, if people don’t like you. I think I’m the same as you, where I can be perceived as “scary” because I’m not the most open or outgoing person, but really, its just between work, school, and my side hustles, I’ve always got something on my mind. I’ve been working to change how I’m seen in that sense, but yeah, I definitely think personal branding is more important than ever now.

    • I wouldn’t even say that I’m not outgoing I definitely am, just like you said when I have a lot on my mind I’m focused on those items and no forgetting them! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for a great reminder about personal branding. I think this is important for anyone to read, especially leaders.

  3. Great post! I really need to work on my “tagline.” I kind of just jumped in to blogging without thinking about branding or what I really wanted to put out there. Now that I am a bit more established, I can start getting back to the basics.

  4. I often get perceived as scary and mean too because I’m pretty focused. I’d never really thought before about the fact that I’m inadvertently “branding” myself that way since most people aren’t going to have any reason to interact with me and find out that I’m actually pretty nice and easy-going beyond an initial perception.

    Good post!

    • Thanks, and I had never thought about it until that classmate mentioned out when we were out for beers! Something I will definitely watch for in the future!

  5. Hi, I’m a fellow writer at GenTwenty! I just found your blog and I’m in love already. This article is great, because I know I can come off as “cold” because I’m always fixated on something I need to get done. I can’t wait to read more!

  6. I’m like everyone else….that’s one major thing I’ve been trying to work on lately! It’s good to be a hard worker, but hard work alone won’t get you far. Somehow you’ve got to integrate the social part without losing your reputation for getting the job done.

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