Montreal Days 1-8

I’ve been home for almost 2 weeks now and I have been astoundingly busy. I’ve had my regular work along with about 10 financial literacy presentations in the last two weeks as well I’ve been working hard with the rest of the Her Success team to get the next event planned! The boyfriend and I have also been working out together since I got home from Europe. We’re trying to make it a daily thing to give him a break from all the studying he is doing. This plus attempting to have somewhat of a social life means I am very, very tired. But, a good kind of tired. Montreal was beautiful, but man was it hot and humid. Steven and I both arrived in Montreal within a couple hours of each other, so we shared a cab to our apartment. Apparently the metro would have taken over and hour and we were both exhausted form a day of flying. Our apartment was tiny, like shower in the kitchen kind of tiny and it definitely reminded me of Europe.


My love for small cars has grown since travelling to Europe. I want a mini copper!

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Building Your Perfect Budget

Now that I’m home from all my European and Eastern Canadian adventures I have a rough idea of how much I’ll be working for the rest of the summer and we will be both working full-time in September, so I figured it was time to update my budget from what I set out earlier in the year and create a month by month budget that is a lot more serious. My job requires me to talk to students about building a proper budget, and I thought I should probably take my own advice. Every month is not going to be the same, so what should I expect my spending to be as well?

I get a lot of emails requesting this basic student budget template, which I’m happy to share but I must admit it’s fairly simple. I’ve also had a couple friends as well as my sister ask how I make my budget and if they can get a copy, so I figured I might as well share it with the rest of you as well. The budget template I’ve been using since about April my friend Erin who is also an accountant originally created, I’ve tweaked a few things and made it so that certain cells automatically propagate and calculate values, in hopes that it will be user friendly.

To download the My PenniesMy Thoughts budget in Excel format click HERE

To download the My Pennies, My Thoughts budget in Numbers format click HERE

Once downloaded you will find three tabs “Budget”, “Monthly Expenses July” and “July”. Start with the tab titles “Budget”.

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Just when you thought I was done travelling…

I’m headed off to beautiful L.A. for a 4-day weekend getaway to celebrate my sister’s 20th birthday.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 1.59.55 PM

She had absolutely no idea we were going, so I’m glad I got to surprise her! 

See you all on Monday! 

Hacking your wardrobe: Liquidation sale at Jacob’s

Apparently I’m completely out of touch with reality and missed the news in May that Jacob’s Canada filed for bankruptcy. While it’s very sad to see a Canadian based retail company close it’s doors it is a very frugal way to finance your professional wardrobe. I’m staring my full-time-big-girl job in a couple months and I feel there are a few pieces in my wardrobe that are lacking. This past weekend I made a trip to Jacob and picked up a couple pieces to spruce up my wardrobe. My result what a nice black skirt and cute striped top for 40-60% off the lowest ticketed price!

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Second Quarter 2014

It’s the end of the second quarter which means the year is half over! It’s exciting that 2015 seems so close but also kind of terrifying that the year is going by so quickly! The second quarter of my year was much more exciting than the first!

Q1 update is available HERE

This quarter I was able to increase my personal net worth by about $1000, which is surprising because of Europe… this means a 27% increase over all!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 5.10.25 PM

Q2 2014!

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Financially Savvy Saturdays: Forty-Sixth Edition

Welcome to Financially Savvy Saturdays, a blog hop created specifically for personal finance writers. We welcome all things money here. Whether you’ve written anything from the merits of renting to the merits of the 401k, you’re invited to link up. If it ties into personal finance, we want to read it!

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Feature of the Week

As this week’s co-host, I have selected my favorite post from last week’s blog hop. This week’s feature is “Accountability: June 2014″ from brokeGIRLrich. Click on the image to read her great post!

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