And we are buying a vehicle UGH!

Some of you may have seen on Twitter that my boyfriend was in a car accident a just over a week ago. Actually, it was while I was in L.A.! Some jerk decided he was going to run a red light and while the bf was able to slow down considerably he couldn’t stop in time. No injuries were sustained… except to my car. Anyways, my car is 12 years old and worth practically nothing… so you can guess what happened next… a write off.

I always knew we were eventually going to have to replace that car but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be quite this soon. I was hoping to get one more year out of it. After all it was 12 years old, but it did only have 131,000 km on it.

I really do hate vehicles, I have always wanted to avoid a second car, and I think they are big-black-holes that suck up all your money, but unfortunately for the line of work we are both in it is a necessary evil. We have to buy a new vehicle… and somehow I’ve been convinced to purchase an SUV (if it as up to me I’d buy a fiat or a mini cooper).

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 10.03.28 PM

Since the beginning of last week we’ve been to about half a dozen dealerships and test drove a handful of cars and frankly, we are exhausted (or at least I am) of looking at cars.

We will be buying used, but finding the right model is important to us. It’s the first time either of us has ever seriously gone car shopping and we really don’t want to have to do this again anytime soon.

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Getting serious about savings

Since I am no longer a student, and I am starting my full-time-big-girl-job in just over a month I figure it’s time to start getting really serious about what I’m doing with my money. For the first time since last summer I will be making more money than I need to cover my expenses. I would be lying if I said that this past 8 months as a full-time student was easy or good for my finances, but I needed to finish my degree. I was working in October – December making just enough to cover my expense and throw a little bit into savings. Unfortunately, the company no longer needed a student that could only work part-time to help out, they needed someone full-time, so when January rolled around I was out of work. I spent January and February picking up a few little side projects and I was able to do a few financial literacy presentations. Once March hit I was able to secure some part-time work that has been absolutely fantastic (they allowed me to go to Europe for 6 weeks and I basically make my own schedule) and my financial literacy presentations have ramped up.  Needless to say my bank account is looking up and come the middle of September I’ll be employed full-time!

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Student Hack: Free 2 Day Shipping from Amazon

I’m not sure if any of you saw me post on Twitter or Facebook last week but Amazon has a great new service available for students. Amazon Prime is now available for students for $39 per year, plus the first 6 months are FREE! How fantastic!

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 5.20.49 PM

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My clothing spending account

Last summer, when I was working full-time I spent way too much on clothing. Perhaps it was because I was finally working full-time again and I was feeling a bit deprived, maybe it was because I was in a new city and there was so much more going on or it could of just been the fact that I had a lot to deal with. Regardless, my clothing spending was a bit out of control last year and I was hoping to bring it down substantially this year. If you remember I did 120 challenge of not buying any clothing at the beginning of the year, and it was actually a lot easier than I expected. Anyways I’m working part-time this summer, but with a few of my side hustles I’m almost bringing in the equivalent to a full time wage. Since I just spent a ton of time travelling I don’t want to fall off the bandwagon this summer and go out of control on a clothing binge. Being abroad for 6 weeks also showed me how little I actually need to live on. So I’ve decide that I’m going to put a specific amount of money away each month into a savings account that will be used for my wants. Once I have enough in that account for the clothing I want to purchase then I can do so. I’m hoping this will do two things:

  1. Delay gratification and ensure I enjoy the purchases better
  2. Really make myself think before I buy, research to get the best deal and in all honestly hope I fall out of lust with the majority of these items.

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Montreal Days 1-8

I’ve been home for almost 2 weeks now and I have been astoundingly busy. I’ve had my regular work along with about 10 financial literacy presentations in the last two weeks as well I’ve been working hard with the rest of the Her Success team to get the next event planned! The boyfriend and I have also been working out together since I got home from Europe. We’re trying to make it a daily thing to give him a break from all the studying he is doing. This plus attempting to have somewhat of a social life means I am very, very tired. But, a good kind of tired. Montreal was beautiful, but man was it hot and humid. Steven and I both arrived in Montreal within a couple hours of each other, so we shared a cab to our apartment. Apparently the metro would have taken over and hour and we were both exhausted form a day of flying. Our apartment was tiny, like shower in the kitchen kind of tiny and it definitely reminded me of Europe.


My love for small cars has grown since travelling to Europe. I want a mini copper!

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Building Your Perfect Budget

Now that I’m home from all my European and Eastern Canadian adventures I have a rough idea of how much I’ll be working for the rest of the summer and we will be both working full-time in September, so I figured it was time to update my budget from what I set out earlier in the year and create a month by month budget that is a lot more serious. My job requires me to talk to students about building a proper budget, and I thought I should probably take my own advice. Every month is not going to be the same, so what should I expect my spending to be as well?

I get a lot of emails requesting this basic student budget template, which I’m happy to share but I must admit it’s fairly simple. I’ve also had a couple friends as well as my sister ask how I make my budget and if they can get a copy, so I figured I might as well share it with the rest of you as well. The budget template I’ve been using since about April my friend Erin who is also an accountant originally created, I’ve tweaked a few things and made it so that certain cells automatically propagate and calculate values, in hopes that it will be user friendly.

To download the My PenniesMy Thoughts budget in Excel format click HERE

To download the My Pennies, My Thoughts budget in Numbers format click HERE

Once downloaded you will find three tabs “Budget”, “Monthly Expenses July” and “July”. Start with the tab titles “Budget”.

** Only ever edit cells that are coloured blue [Read more...]