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Don’t invest money that you need

The market bled last week, and at the time of writing this (Monday night) my guess is it may continue to be relatively volatile for the short-term. Update: Monday morning meant turmoil in the markets with the Dow dropping 1,000 points after the opening bell and Tuesday morning stock prices shot back up. It’s anyone’s guess, the market could drop another 5-10%, it could recover or we could see lows that we haven’t seen since 2008. Everyone seems a little spooked, which seems a little odd to me and frankly unwarranted, though I understand it.

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Mid Year Check In

Okay so it’s the beginning middle… it might be even considered the end of August and there are only FIVE FOUR months left in the year. I’ve started my third CPA module which means I will officially have no time to do anything… or at least that’s how it always feels during the 8 weeks of hell. Once this module is over I only have 3 weeks until the next one starts so I feel like I’ll be go-go-go until Christmas time! I wanted to do a little update back at the end of June to show the progress we’ve made over the year, but obviously that didn’t happen. Some of my goals are individual goals, and others are goals we have as a couple, since we were married back in June I haven’t really been tracking anything but my income separately.

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What to do with the cash you receive from your wedding

We recently were married, it was amazing day, and now even though we are settling into married life there is still a ton to do! Seriously, my hand feels like it is going to fall off from all the thank you cards I’ve written. We have things to return to stores and finding places for everything in our condo… which means throwing out a bunch of other crap as well. Despite our best efforts we set up a registry for our wedding. Unfortunately, I think there is a bit of a generational disconnect when it comes to more modern weddings.

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It’s supposed to be tough when you’re young

I live in Alberta’s largest city, and most expensive by far. I moved out of my parents house at 21 to live with my boyfriend who is now my loving husband. I’m 24, a recent Alberta School of Business grad, I’m almost halfway through my CPA designation and I work outrageous hours during busy season. All of this while being paid what a lot of people would consider pathetic. I’ve talked about how I took a lower paying job before to further my career, it’s hard at times when I see people complaining about how little money they have (or being cheap)when they make double my salary. All I can say is I’m in it for the long game…. balancing our household expenses each month is not easy,

but I don’t think it’s supposed to be.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.36.37 PM

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I made an 18% return in one day

Investing is one of my favorite things to do. I love the stock market and I really enjoy researching companies. Many of you know I have been trying out a wealth management adviser for the past few months, things have been going well, I think I’ve made about 4% on my investments since mid-April. Which if you look at the rest of the market, you will realize is pretty darn good (the S&P 500 is only up about 0.22% since I started with my adviser). In addition to the investments I have there I’ve still kept my stock portfolio with Questrade. I enjoy reading information about possible investments, and I like to invest in companies I use on a daily basis. Enter Netflix.

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