Don’t get offended by people’s money choices, they aren’t personal

Other people’s money is a funny thing. It honestly and truly is. I think the personal finance community is such an anomaly because “normal” people definitely don’t act the same way the rest of us think. Up until a couple months ago I thought that everyone only spent their money where it counts. If something is important to you, then you don’t have a problem spending money on it. However, as I’m sure many of you know, weddings bring out the worst in people and I’m in the midst of planning one. Weddings require people to spend money on new outfits, trips out of town, and accommodations if the wedding isn’t in the city they are originally from. Part of me has been absolutely stunned by the unwillingness for people to spend money on our wedding day… and it isn’t everyone, not even close to a quarter of the people, but I honestly didn’t think I’d hear anything about this… I just figured those people wouldn’t come.

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Oh hi there!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Oh gosh, I can’t believe it has been this long since I sat down to write a blog post. Seriously, how has it been a month? Where has all the time gone!?! I feel like I’ve failed as  a blogger! But my gosh I’ve been busy. Busy season is upon us and instead of just focusing on my crushing workload I decided that I would also take a module, plan a wedding, continue my freelance work as well as continue my commitments with Her Success. There are really not enough hours in a day. This on top of travelling almost every weekend in January and February due to the long-distance stint we had meant no time to even sleep. Late night flights and early morning schedules were a recipe for sheer exhaustion.

I also managed to catch a cold a couple weeks ago that threw a wrench into everything and I’m only just getting over it now! I really need to stop and take a breath. My module exam is next week, and the rest of March shouldn’t be as busy.. but April and May will likely be insane. I’m making a commitment to keep writing though, I miss it, I really do. I’ve clearly taken on too much and I’ve already started to cut back on certain things in my life so that I have more time to put towards the things I love doing. So here’s to a wonderful spring, I can’t wait to share with you all the things that have been going on in my life!

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Not falling trap to lifestyle inflation

I’ve been in Calgary for a little over 6 months at this point and it feels both faster and slower than I expected. Part of me feels like I never left but the other part of me misses home and misses not seeing my family every week for Sunday dinner. The added 5 months of long distance hasn’t made this any easier but it’s something we are dealing with. The last time I lived in Calgary I found myself starting to see a bit of lifestyle inflation and I can honestly say I attribute most of this to the city of Calgary.

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Financially we aren’t ready to have kids

I think when you get engaged it becomes almost expected that people will ask you when you are going to start having children, which frankly is none of anyones business. However, when I’m speaking with family and friends there it’s unlikely that those are the words that are going to come out my mouth regardless of how much I would actually like them to be said.

It’s hard to convince people that we are not in fact ready financially for kids and that is probably the only reason we would be putting it off at this point. Maybe the other factor would be that we would both like to get get ahead in our careers a little bit more before we decide to have children. Specifically myself, if I decide to take time off with the babies I would like to at a minimum have my designation.

Financially kids are a huge responsibility. There are many studies out there stating that children will set you back at least $250,000 per child. If we want two kids that’s half a million dollars. That’s a lot of money!

With having just moved to a new city, myself having just graduated, the wedding coming up sooner than I expected and the fact that I’m in the middle of a designation program I’m feeling like we are barely scraping by financially. We make sure we are throwing money at our savings accounts each month and then closing our eyes until the next payday. I can’t wait till our annual raises in August that will likely make living in this city a little more comfortable. [Read more…]

Putting your best foot forward – 2015 goals

Happy 2015 friends! With the New Year upon us, it’s always a time to reflect on our lives and try some new things. Not going to lie, I’ve always been one to take on that way of thinking. I like to take a step back and make sure I’m on the right path, while challenging myself to be better. The goals for 2015 are a mix of financial and lifestyle. Fingers crossed I can stay on track and keep them up.

1)   Bump my emergency fund up to $10,000 – I’ve always been one to try and make sure I have money to fall back on. I’ve had so many unexpected car breakdowns, last minute bill payments and different things popping up that it’s always nice to have that to fall back on. [Read more…]